4 Awesome Benefits Of Home Solar Kits

Renewable energy sources are quickly becoming a viable energy alternative for the average homeowner, whether they own a comfortable two-story home in the suburbs or a tiny cabin hundreds of miles from civilization. Solar energy in particular is increasingly attractive for those who want an inexpensive, do-it-yourself energy source. So if you've been thinking about buying a solar energy kit to install in your home, but haven't yet pulled the trigger, consider just a few of the major benefits below.

Resale Value

Even someone who is totally uninterested in using renewable energy would have to concede that there are huge financial benefits to installing a solar kit. Perhaps the biggest one is the immediate added value to your house: a 3.1kW system can add up to $17,000 in resale value to your property if you decide to sell. Even better, you can rest assured that your house will move off the market quickly, as homes with solar installations sell 15% faster than homes without.


Resale value is no doubt attractive in the long run, but another great advantage of solar kits is that achieving long term value doesn't require emptying your pockets in the present. In fact, do-it-yourself solar kits present a very affordable, easy-to-install option for most homeowners. While some people might (justifiably) be a little wary of getting up onto their roof to install panels themselves, their are plenty of solar kits that can be installed in your backyard just as easily. 


Another great benefit of solar kits -- especially if you're thinking of installing them on a residence that's not your primary one -- is that they require very little regular maintenance in order to remain operational. Having an expert out to check on the panels once each year is more than enough to ensure that they're operating normally. One of the things that often causes people to hesitate before buying is simply their lack of experience in dealing with solar panels. Fortunately, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to keep them up and running.


Yet another advantage of solar kits is the sheer amount of use you'll get from them. Most solar panel kits come with 25 year warranties that guarantee full energy production during that time. Even after the quarter century mark, you can still expect 80% productivity for another solid ten to fifteen years. 

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