Downsizing? 3 Home Staging Tips To Attract Millennial Buyers

Over the years, your house has provided you with a beautiful space to raise your children, watch your grandkids play, and age in place with your spouse. Now, however, it has just become too large for your simple lifestyle, and selling is your best option for adding more simplicity to your daily routine. While it's hard to let go, you also look forward to giving another young couple the opportunity to raise their family within the comforting walls of your home. As you set out to prep your home for the big sale, use these staging tips to appeal to the unique home buying interests of the millennial generation.

Accent a Home Office

When you first bought your home, guest bedrooms were a major amenity that offered you a comfortable place to host your guests. Now, however, millennials prefer multifunctional rooms that maximize the usability of every space in the home. Since many millennials often work from home, emphasizing that a spare room can be used as an office appeals to their intense focus on productivity. Consider placing a desk in your spare room, and highlight that it has the capability of serving as a private workspace instead of just an extra room that collects dust.

Highlight Energy Efficiency

Millennials grew up during a time when climate change has instilled a personal responsibility for energy conservation. If you are replacing appliances, make sure to choose energy-efficient models that allow them to save money and energy at the same time. To go the extra step, consider the benefits of solar panel installation since this feature will make your home stand out to millennials who value forward-thinking mindsets.

Streamline Your Décor

The younger generation abhors clutter, and the items that mean coziness to you might signal an outdated sense of style to them. Ideally, each item in your staged home should have purpose. Go ahead and pack up quilts, throws, and other decorative accessories that make your home feel as though someone else lives there. Setting up a streamlined living area may feel stark to you, but it allows millennials to picture for themselves how they will set up each room.

The generation gap does pose a few challenges when you are preparing your home to sell. Yet, you do share the same sense of frugality and desire to preserve natural resources as your younger buyers. By recognizing this commonality and emphasizing your home's ability to fit their lifestyle, you will enjoy signing the final papers while knowing that you have made a younger couple's dreams for home ownership come true.