Grease Recycling Faqs Answered

When it comes to recycling, most people immediately think of metals and plastics. Did you know that there are various other forms of materials that can be recycled? It's true. Depending on the community where you reside, many of the times you can also recycle a number of materials you would never think would be on the list of recyclables. One of those materials is grease. Whenever people see this connection between recycling and grease, a series of questions generally pops into one's head.

2 Homemade Humane Traps For Catching Mice In Your House

When cool weather starts settling in, you may find that you have furry little visitors that want to make your house a home. Not only are mice destructive, but they can also carry diseases. If you want to catch them using handcrafted, humane traps that will not kill them, use one or both the of the ones below using common household items. Diving Off The Counter Trap This trap is effective for mice that love to look for food on your kitchen counters.